What Not To Do (Men Edition)

Hi, everyone. Me and roommate were just looking through twitter and saw a tweet that inspired this topic. Enjoy!
Feel free to leave comments with more advice on what men shouldn’t do and about the things listed.

  • Joke around a lot.  I admit one way to a woman’s heart is by making her laugh. However, when she’s trying to have a serious conversation and you’re constantly making jokes, it’s a BIG turn off.
  • Smoking and drinking a lot. For this one, it’s all about preference.
  • Drugs. Also, about preference.
  • Flirting with other women. Self-explanatory.
  • Constantly asking your girlfriend what she want to do for a date. Some girls just want their man to be romantic and plan things for a change.
  • Not cleaning up. Men, you don’t have to be neat freaks, but no woman wants to live or visit a dirty home.
  • Not cooking. It’s the effort that counts.
  • Being lazy. You can play with your game systems, but also set time specifically to spend with your woman.
  • Disrespectful. Don’t call your woman out of her name.
  • Not being chivalrous. This means open her car door sometimes and always try to open the door to buildings.
  • Act like strangers in public or differently around friends and family. BIG turn off.
  • Tell explicit details of relationship to others. Sometimes it’s good to look for advice in friends, but in other scenarios it’s not.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. When a man shares plans and promises without truly having the intention of actually doing it, he will find himself in the bewilderment of his woman’s wrath, and not understanding where all this resentment came from!? “Well buddy, this is it”.
    It is exceptionally important for a man to do what he says he will, or ONLY keep those ideas in his thoughts.

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    1. I agree with you 100%. No woman wants a man that’s unreliable.

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      1. That is just a part of a post I wrote.
        The big challenge of today’s imbalance between men and women, is that there is a huge amount of people that are being raised by only one parent, and therefor not getting the full spectrum of influence needed for healthy adult relationships.
        It’s good that you are finding your words, so you can be his teacher, when he needs it.
        My blessings to you…

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      2. Yes, an individual’s environment that he/she grew up in does affect them in some shape or form. Therefore, living in a single-parent home sometimes enables them of fully understanding a healthy adult relationship, like you said. Thank you for sharing your input, my blessings to you also.

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